Category: Windows 2008

  • Allowing PowerShell executing scripts

    By default PowerShell is restricted to not allow script execution. To allow script execution do the following Open PowerShell in elevated mode (run as administrator) and run the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted To verifiy how if script execution is allowed or not run the following command in PoweShell: Get-ExecutionPolicy

  • A disabled user account stil receives e-mail

    When you have a user account disabled in Active Directory the users mailbox still receives e-mail. To end this behavior you need to delete the user account in Active Directory (this also deletes the mailbox) or disabling the mailbox in Exchange Management Console. Disabling the mailbox in EMC actually deletes the mailbox.

  • Enable autologon in Windows Server 2008

    To make the option “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” visible on a domain joined Windows Server 2008 do the following: 1. Run the following comand in cmd: reg add “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v AutoAdminLogon /t REG_SZ /d “1” /f 2. Click start, run. Write: control userpasswords2 and click ok…

  • Access denied when adding TCP/IP printer port in Windows 2008

    You get the following error when adding a printer using a TCP/IP port: The problem is that you need to “elevate to administrator privileges” (run as administrator) to add a TCP/IP port. I have’nt found any way to do that when adding a printer. The solutions is to logon as administrator in the console and…

  • Install PowerShell in Windows 2008

    1. Start Server Mananger. 2. Click on features and add features. 3. Select Windows PowerShell. Click next, install and close. 4. You can now find PowerShell under all programs.

  • Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Mode in Windows 2008

    1. Start Server Mananger. 2. Click on Configure IE ESC under Security Information. 3. Turn IE SEC on/off for administrators and/or users.

  • Configurate Windows 2008 Server Core

    Here are som useful stuff when installing and configurate Windows 2008 Server Core. Network Show network interfaces > netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces Rename network interface > netsh interface set interface name = <interface name> newname = <new interface name> Change static IP-address > netsh interface ipv4 set adress ”<interface name>” static…