Category: Hardware

  • HP Support Pack 8.30 turns fans on full on DL380 G4

    After installing HP Support Pack 8.30 on a DL380 G4 with Windows Server 2008 the fans is on full speed. To resolve this try to do a CMOS reset by turning off the server and disconnect the power cables. Set jumper 6 on the system maintenance switch (right behind processor 2) to on mode. Start […]

  • Remove the keyobard on a HP Compaq NC2400

    1. Remove all 6 keyboard screws. 2. Flatten out the laptop. 3. Use a small flate blade screwdriver to remove the touch sensitive panel. You dont have to disconnect the ribbon cable (connecting the panel to the laptop). Just lay the panel on top of the screen. 4. Disconnect the two ribbon cables(connecting the keybord […]