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DHCP Relay/DHCP Forwarding on HP ProCurve E5406zl

Enable DHCP Relay:
ProCurve (config)# dhcp-relay

Disable DHCP Relay:
ProCurve (config)# no dhcp-relay

Forward DHCP requests on VLAN 10 to (DHCP server):
ProCurve# configure
ProCurve(config)# vlan 10 ip helper-address

To check ip-helper on VLAN 10:
ProCurve (config)# show ip helper-address vlan 10

Remove ip-helper on VLAN 10:
ProCurve (config)# vlan 10
ProCurve (vlan-10)# ip helper-address

iLO: The Remote Console is unavailable, it is already in use by a different client.

If you use the remote console in HP Remote Insight Lights-Out and gets the message “The Remote Console is unavailable, it is already in use by a different client.” you need to reset the iLO. The easiest way to reset iLO is to go to network settings and just hit apply. This will apply the current networking configuration (you haven’t done any changes) and the iLO will reset.

Can’t find and install iLO 2 driver on HP ProLiant DL380 G5 running Windows Server 2012

I had problem finding an iLO 2 driver that would work with Windows Server 2012. The server was a HP ProLiant DL380 G5. I had earlier managed to get an iLO 2 driver to work with Windows Server 2012 on a HP ProLiant ML350 G5.

The hardware ID was: VEN_103C&DEV_3302.
It was shown in the device manager as ipmi interface.

We solved this by this by installing cp013803.exe (HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver for Windows Server 2008 x64 Editions)

ProCurve Mananger 4 client won’t start after new patch

After patchning HP PCM + 4 I got the following message: “Core Components of the PCM Client have been updated by the server. You will need to relaunch the PCM Client for these changes to take effect.”

Solved this by login on the server with the local administrator account and launched the PCM client. Got the message again and relaunched the client. After that all users could start the PCM client.

The PCM version after the patch is Unfortunately I didn’t take notice of the patch name ect.

Server OS was Windows 2008 R2.

HP Support Pack 8.30 turns fans on full on DL380 G4

After installing HP Support Pack 8.30 on a DL380 G4 with Windows Server 2008 the fans is on full speed.

To resolve this try to do a CMOS reset by turning off the server and disconnect the power cables. Set jumper 6 on the system maintenance switch (right behind processor 2) to on mode. Start the server to enter maintenance mode. Turn off the server and disconnect the power cables. Set jumper 6 to off mode. Start the server.

system maintenance switch

If this doesn’t help try to disable cpqasm2 by editing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cpqasm2\Start and set the value to 4.

Remove the keyobard on a HP Compaq NC2400

1. Remove all 6 keyboard screws.

2. Flatten out the laptop.


3. Use a small flate blade screwdriver to remove the touch sensitive panel. You dont have to disconnect the ribbon cable (connecting the panel to the laptop). Just lay the panel on top of the screen.


4. Disconnect the two ribbon cables(connecting the keybord to the laptop).