Access denied when adding TCP/IP printer port in Windows 2008

You get the following error when adding a printer using a TCP/IP port:


The problem is that you need to “elevate to administrator privileges” (run as administrator) to add a TCP/IP port. I have’nt found any way to do that when adding a printer. The solutions is to logon as administrator in the console and then add the print and TCP/IP port.

To add a printer as administrator do the following.
1. Open printers in control panel.
2. Right click in the white area. Choose “Run as administrator”/”Add printer…”.






8 responses to “Access denied when adding TCP/IP printer port in Windows 2008”

  1. George Avatar

    Thanks for this :)

  2. jacques Avatar

    thanks, this works, run as admin

  3. Abs Avatar

    I can’t get this. Right clicking blank space doesn’t do anything and I can’t right click Devices and Printers with any result. Can you explain properly?

  4. Owen MacPherson Avatar
    Owen MacPherson

    Worked for me too, thanks!

  5. Rustam Sariyev Avatar
    Rustam Sariyev


  6. Sam Avatar

    For Server 2016:
    Open Server Manger, Click Tools (Top right), Click Print Management and edit it in there.

  7. ben Avatar

    Sam’s solution worked for me. When using server manager it doesn’t give the error. There is no way that I can find to run control panel or devices and printers with admin creds. Normally on windows 10 there is a button that says “change settings” or maybe it’s “change properties”, and then you can do anything you need to do.

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