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Access denied when adding TCP/IP printer port in Windows 2008

You get the following error when adding a printer using a TCP/IP port:


The problem is that you need to “elevate to administrator privileges” (run as administrator) to add a TCP/IP port. I have’nt found any way to do that when adding a printer. The solutions is to logon as administrator in the console and then add the print and TCP/IP port.

To add a printer as administrator do the following.
1. Open printers in control panel.
2. Right click in the white area. Choose “Run as administrator”/”Add printer…”.



  1. George says:

    Thanks for this :)

  2. jacques says:

    thanks, this works, run as admin

  3. Abs says:

    I can’t get this. Right clicking blank space doesn’t do anything and I can’t right click Devices and Printers with any result. Can you explain properly?

  4. Owen MacPherson says:

    Worked for me too, thanks!

  5. Rustam Sariyev says:


  6. Sam says:

    For Server 2016:
    Open Server Manger, Click Tools (Top right), Click Print Management and edit it in there.

  7. ben says:

    Sam’s solution worked for me. When using server manager it doesn’t give the error. There is no way that I can find to run control panel or devices and printers with admin creds. Normally on windows 10 there is a button that says “change settings” or maybe it’s “change properties”, and then you can do anything you need to do.

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