• EMC error: An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers.

    When opening Exchange Manangemnt Console you get the following error: An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers. It was running the command ‘Get-OrganizationConfig’. In the application log you get the following error entries: Event ID: 4 Source: MSExchange Configuration Cmdlet – Remote Mamagment General: Task Get-ExchangeServer writing error when processing…

  • Free data recovery tool for Windows

    I found this free data recovery tool when I needed to recover some photos from a memory card. Pandora Recovery 2.1.1 worked great in Windows 7 64-bit! download.cnet.com/Pandora-Recovery/3000-2094_4-10694796.html

  • Import database larger then 2mb via phpMyAdmin

    To import databases larger then 2MB you need to edit /etc/php5/<flavour>/php.ini. Edit the existing parameters in  php.ini, if they does not exists add them at the end of the file: post_max_size = 50M upload_max_filesize = 50M Restart the webserver. If you are using Apache: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

  • Send e-mail via telnet

    telnet smtp.domain.com 25 helo (press enter) mail from:sender@domain.com (press enter) rcpt to:recipient@domain.com (press enter) data (press enter) write your massage (press enter) . (press enter) quit

  • Data Protector 6.11 and MS SQL 2008

    When trying to create a sql backup job in DP 6.11 you get the following error when the host is running MS SQL 2008: The OS reported error while performing requested operation. [HR 0x80040154] Class not registered You need to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components. Download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility…

  • Creating SR. No such device

    When adding new storage repository on XenServer 5.5 you get the following error: Creating SR No such device Solutions Restart all the XenServer host and add the new storage repository again.

  • HP Support Pack 8.30 turns fans on full on DL380 G4

    After installing HP Support Pack 8.30 on a DL380 G4 with Windows Server 2008 the fans is on full speed. To resolve this try to do a CMOS reset by turning off the server and disconnect the power cables. Set jumper 6 on the system maintenance switch (right behind processor 2) to on mode. Start…

  • Path to all users desktop and start menu in Windows 7

    All users desktop: C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ All users start menu: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

  • NTP sync Ubuntu

    # sudo ntpdate my.ntpserver.net Here can you find NTP-servers.

  • Modify Exchange database size limit & event id: 9688

    Event ID: 9688 Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store Exchange store ‘<storage group name>\<database name>’: The logical size of this database (the logical size equals the physical size of the .edb file minus the logical free space) is 94 GB. This database size is approaching the size limit of 100 GB. If the logical database size exceeds…