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Install HP SIM/SNMP Agent on Citrix XenServer 6

1. Go to and support & drivers. Search for your hardwares drivers, for example HP ProLiant DL380 G7. When selecting operating system select Citrix XenServer 6.x. Dowload “HP SNMP Agents for Citrix XenServer “. The file that you download is named hp-agents-xs.iso.

2. Upload hp-agents-xs.iso to your XenServer host. For example via FileZilla:
Address: XenServers IP-address och hostname.
Username: root
Password: <root password>
Port: 22

Create a folder named iso in /. Upload hp-agents-xs.iso to the iso folder.

3. Mount the iso image on the XenServer host.
# mkdir -p /mnt/iso
# mount -o loop /iso/hp-agents-xs.iso /mnt/iso

4. Install the HP SNMP Agent n the XenServer host.
# cd /mnt/iso
# ./

5. Unmount the iso image on the XenServer host.
# cd /
# umount /mnt/iso

6. Delete the iso image.
# rm -rf /iso

7. Delelte the iso mount point.
# rm -rf /mnt/iso

8. Logon to HP SIM and discover the IP-address or hostname of the XenServer host.