Drop down menus in Firefox 4 disappear

Running Windows 7 64-bit and drop down menus in Firefox 4.0 disappear. Fix this by disable hardware acceleration in Firefix.

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Browsing:
Disable “Use hardware acceleration when available”






10 responses to “Drop down menus in Firefox 4 disappear”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Works for me – thanks a bunch!
    Using ff 4.0.1

  2. Clen Avatar

    Fix also works with Firefox 5 and Windows 7 32-bit. Thanks, was really fing annoying.

  3. Mark Avatar

    Works for me, too, FF 4 32 bit.

    The problem, btw, only happens on my right-hand monitor which is taller than the left. Graphics board is ATI Radeon HD 5450.

  4. Phearis Avatar

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve spent the last 45 minutes looking how to fix the disappearing menus.

  5. Eric Hale Avatar
    Eric Hale

    Ya! A solution. Thanks a ton. I am going repost to help others.

  6. jen Avatar

    Yeah, that might work if my drop down menus worked!!

  7. xxx Avatar

    How do you access “Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General ->” If the dropdown menu is unaccessible?

  8. G.J.Robert Ciang Avatar
    G.J.Robert Ciang

    Does not work for me on Kubuntu 12.04.2. My hardware accelaration was already turned off before, but the problem still occurs.

    And weirdly, I haven’t encountered this on Windows 7, but only on Linux (KDE, E17, Gnome).

  9. K Avatar

    Not work for me on Gnome2 and 3.
    I turned off already but that problem still occurs.

  10. sushma Avatar

    Hey, Could anyone please help me how to increase the width of dropdown menu list for firefox browser only (do not want to increase the main control width like). Because default dropdown menu width of firefox browser is smaller than chrome browser.

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