Category: Windows

  • jZip, free archiving application

    With jZip you can create & extract Zip, TAR, GZip & 7-Zip and extract RAR & ISO. Download:

  • Install PowerShell in Windows 2008

    1. Start Server Mananger. 2. Click on features and add features. 3. Select Windows PowerShell. Click next, install and close. 4. You can now find PowerShell under all programs.

  • Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Mode in Windows 2008

    1. Start Server Mananger. 2. Click on Configure IE ESC under Security Information. 3. Turn IE SEC on/off for administrators and/or users.

  • Windows 7

    Since a few weeks back I’ve been running Windows 7 (build 7000) 64-bit on my laptop, a HP Compaq nw8440.  Everything is working great and I’m very pleased with Win 7! My feeling is that 7 is much faster and more stable than Vista. The following applications are runnig smoothly on Windows 7 build 7000…

  • SharePoint crawl problem, event id 2436 & 10036 and HTTP 401

    I had the following warning message in the Windows application log. Source: Office Server Search Catagory: Gatherer EventID: 2436 Type: Warning Description: The start address <> cannot be crawled. Context: Application ‘SharedServices’, Catalog ‘Portal_Content’Details: Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content, or add a crawl rule to…

  • Fiddler, Web Debugging Proxy

    Fiddler helps you to inspect all incomming and outgoing HTTP/HTTPS trafik. Download Fiddler here

  • Install MSI packages as administrator

    On Windows Vista you don’t see “Run as administrator” in the context menu when you right click on a MSI package. 1. Run regedit.exe as administrator. 2. Create the following key: HKEY_Classes_Root\Msi.Package\shell\RunAs. Add the following data to the default value: Install &as administrator 3. Create the following key: HKEY_Classes_Root\Msi.Package\shell\RunAs\command. Add the following data to the…

  • Configurate Windows 2008 Server Core

    Here are som useful stuff when installing and configurate Windows 2008 Server Core. Network Show network interfaces > netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces Rename network interface > netsh interface set interface name = <interface name> newname = <new interface name> Change static IP-address > netsh interface ipv4 set adress ”<interface name>” static…