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Configurate the network interface

1. Configurate the IP-address
# sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces/

config example:
iface eth0 inet static

After the configuration is done restart the network interface:
# sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

2. Configurate the DNS
# sudo nano /etc/reslov.conf

config example:

Installing a LAMP-server (LinuxApacheMysqlPHP)

Here are som useful things to install and config when running a LAMP-server under Ubuntu JeOS.

1. Install Ubuntu JeOS.

2. Update aptitudes packetlist.
# sudo aptitude update

3. Update/Upgrade the system.
# sudo aptitude full-upgrade -y

4. If the kernel was updated, restart the system.
# sudo reboot

5.  Install SSH
# sudo aptitude install openssh-server -y

6. Install firewall
# sudo aptitude install ufw  -y

7. Install the text editor Nano
# sudo aptitude install nano -y

8. Install LAMP (LinuxApacheMysqlPHP)
# sudo tasksel install lamp-server

9.  Instal PHPMyAdmin
# sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin -y

10. Install RAR and UNRAR (can be useful if your moving a site to this server)
# sudo aptitude install rar unrar -y

11. Install FTP (can be useful if your moving a site to this server)
# sudo aptitude install ftp -y

12. Install Sendmail (I use sendmail when using Joomla)
# sudo aptitude install sendmail -y

13. Configurate the firewall
# sudo ufw enable && sudo ufw allow 22
# sudo ufw default deny
# sudo ufw allow 80

14. Configurate Apache

Virtual host config

15. Configurate the network interface

Configurate the network interface

16. Configurate LAMP-server backup script
MySQL backup script:
WWW backup script:

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